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Parking Permits

General Regulations

Washington State law gives the Board of Trustees of Highline Community College District 9 the authority to make rules and regulations for pedestrian and vehicular traffic on property owned, operated, or maintained by the college district. Chapter 132I-116 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) explains the Colleges' traffic and parking regulations; and it is the responsibility of every parking permit holder to be familiar with them.

Examples of traffic and parking regulations include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Parking permits must be easily visible to parking enforcement officers.
  • Vehicles can be parked only in designated parking areas. These areas are marked by curbing, white lines, and/or signs.
  • Parking on or over a line is a violation.
  • Parking in an unmarked or an otherwise unidentified area is not allowed.
  • No person shall stop, stand, or park any vehicle in a way that obstructs traffic along or upon any street or walkway.
  • No vehicle shall be parked any place where official signs prohibit parking, within (10) feet of a fire hydrant or anywhere in a fire lane, or within (20) feet of a “No Parking” sign.

If you violate any of the traffic and parking regulations, you may be cited and required to pay a fine. Students who have unpaid fines may have a “block” placed on their records that prevents enrollment, access to transcripts, and other limitations on a student’s transaction with the College. Faculty, staff, and others who are not students at the College and who have unpaid fines may have their fines referred to a collection agency.

Available Parking

Students, staff, and faculty with parking permits may park on campus to the extent that spaces are available as follows:

  • Student parking is limited to areas designated for students with a valid “HC/CWU student” parking permit.
  • Carpool parking is limited to spaces designated for carpools with a valid “CARPOOL” parking permit.
  • Staff/Faculty daytime parking is limited to areas designated for staff/faculty parking.
  • Parking after 4:00 P.M. is on a first-come, first-served basis in the East, South and North parking areas, with the exception of disabled and visitor parking.
  • Disabled parking stalls are available throughout the campus and can be utilized only by vehicles displaying valid "STATE DISABLED" permit or "DISABLED PLATE". Vehicles with a valid “STATE DISABLED” decal or plate can also park in any available stalls, including “STAFF/FACULTY, CARPOOL, and VISITOR” parking, and do not require a HC parking permit.

Operator's Responsibility

The person to whom a permit is issued is responsible for all violations of the Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations involving the vehicle for which it is registered at the College or to which it is affixed.

Citation Appeals

How to Appeal a Citation

Pubic Safety Officers and other parking enforcement staff issue citations for traffic and parking violations. The fine for parking and traffic citations is $58 per violation with the exception of parking in a disabled parking space for which the fine is $250 per citation. If you receive a citation you must pay the fine within 20 days or you may appeal the citation. The penalties for violations are listed in WAC 132I-116-270.

All appeals are filed online. The form can be found at the Public Safety website.

Instructions for Parking Appeals

  1. Go to http://campussafety.highline.edu/forms.php
  2. Open the Parking Citation Appeal form and save it to your desktop.
  3. Fill out the Parking Citation Appeal form completely and save.
  4. Email the completed form to parkingappeals@highline.edu. Once the form is received please allow for 3-10 days for a response.

The following are not sufficient grounds for a citation appeal:

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